3D ultrasounds at a whole new level.


Like most expectant parents, I was thrilled to bits with the blurry black and white ultrasound snapshot (printed on flimsy paper) that the sonographer handed me at my 12-week scan. Of course, looking at that same picture now, I realise that we couldn’t really ‘see’ anything – oh, how things have changed!
Of course, three-dimensional ultrasound images of your baby in utero aren’t new – the technology has been around for a number of years, and a quick online search will lead you to dozens of 3D and 4D ultrasound services around Australia. However, the pioneer of 3D ultrasound technology, Dr Bernard Benoit of the Princess Grace Hospital, Monaco, has recently developed new 3D imaging software that shows the foetus in incredible detail.


The new software adds colour, skin texture, light and shadow to images. Most importantly, it allows doctors to detect and have a better understanding of any medical problems that may be present.
The images are remarkable, particularly the twins in their ‘top and bottom bunks’, and the detail in the images of early pregnancies.

Watch the videos below to see even more amazing shots of babies in utero.