5 Painful Things Most People Don’t Realize C-Section Moms Deal With

What’s your thought on c-sections? A painless, easy method to deliver the baby?

Well, we can’t blame you because that is what everyone thinks about a c-section.

But, the truth is harsh. Postpartum days can be more challenging for mothers who had a cesarean delivery. A woman who had a c-section goes through a lot of pain, which is unknown to others. The fact that they haven’t experienced labor pain does not mean that their birth experience was pain-free. They do experience discomfort. Here are some of them.

Severe Pain At The Incision Site

It is not a painless affair. Do not assume that they have gone through it without any trouble. Of course, the surgery gets over fast and they may not experience the pain during the procedure.

However, some may get a pushing or tugging sensation during the surgery, which is enough to scare them. They are clueless what’s happening behind the blue curtain. They stay there frightened thinking that whether doctors are messing up their other organs too!!

Believe us, recovery from the surgery is not that easy. Without pain-numbing drugs, you will be howling in pain. And the pain from a healing incision gives you trouble while breastfeeding too. You may have a tough time finding a position comfortable for you and your baby without hurting the incision.

Itchy Stitches

If your stretchy skin gave you enough itching during pregnancy, after a c-section, your stitches will do it for you. When you struggle with breastfeeding, engorged breasts, vaginal discharge, and other discomforts after a cesarean, itchy stitches are the last thing you want. But, unfortunately, a c-section mom has to deal with it.

Moreover, coughing, sneezing and even laughing hurt your incision. Holding a pillow against the abdomen over the incision is the only way to prevent pain.

Terrible Gas Issues

This is no fun!

Pregnancy itself might have given you enough gas problems. Well, it doesn’t end with childbirth. This happens because of all the air that gets trapped in the abdomen during the procedure. And your intestines are sluggish after the surgery. You may not even able to distinguish between gas pain and incision pain.

Longer Bleeding Period

You cannot bypass postpartum vaginal bleeding by a c-section. Instead, you will have more blood coming for a longer period when you have a c-section. There is no scientific evidence that c-section will result in more vaginal bleeding. But, combined with the pain of incision and other irritations, vaginal discharge becomes an annoyance for many.

Emotional Torture

Well, this is the worst!

The thought that you never experienced the feeling of vaginal birth hurt every c-section mom. Especially when you meet other moms who brag about their natural birth experience, you feel sad. It’s just another mindset. Ignore it. You still birthed a baby and suffered all aches and pains associated with it.

Remember everyone, a c-section is never a cake walk!