7 Ways To Induce Labor Naturally

Is your baby in the womb too cozy to come out even after you are past due date? If your due date has gone without any hint of contractions or signs of labor, you are probably worried and frustrated. It’s about time, with your doctor’s approval, you can get things rolling at home and induce labor naturally. Here are some ways to induce labor.

7 Ways To Induce Labor Naturally

1. Exercise

Any kind of gentle exercise, a short walk around your block can bring on the labor. Exercise helps as it gets your pelvis move and allows your little one to get into a better position for birth. It also encourages contractions to start or strengthen. Even going up and down the stairs would get things moving. But make sure that you have help at hand, you don’t want your water to break in the park and have no one around to help, do you?

2. Sexual Intercourse

Did you just think that it’s too much of an effort now? Of course, it will be, but did you know that the semen contains prostaglandins, which can help soften your cervix? And a good orgasm can relax and release the hormone oxytocin in your body which helps in uterine contractions. Do we have to tell you that there are many ways to have sex while pregnant? Just make sure you enjoy and forget about starting your labor. Please be sure when having sex at full term your water shouldn’t be broken. Doing so will increase the risk of infection.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine is believed to stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin. It helps in energizing the body and kick-starts labor. However, certain acupuncture points aren’t safe for pregnant women. Please check with your doctor before going ahead.

4. Nipple Stimulation

Stimulating your nipples can cause the uterus to contract and bring in labor. The effectiveness of nipple stimulation is backed by solid scientific evidence. Rubbing or rolling the nipples help release the hormone oxytocin which causes the contractions. You or your partner can manually stimulate your nipples, or try using a breast pump. Please consult with your healthcare provider before proceeding. As nipple stimulation can cause prolonged contractions, too frequent contractions, or too intense and painful contractions. It is not good for the baby and your baby may not tolerate it. Do not try this if you are under high-risk pregnancy.

5. Membrane Stripping

This is a procedure which is done by your medical care provider. They strip your membranes to encourage labor and there are no medications involved. By using a gloved finger to separate the amniotic sac from the area around the cervix, your care provider strips off the membrane. This procedure releases the hormone prostaglandins, which help you go into labor. In case you have any vaginal infections, membrane stripping should not be done. You might experience cramps or spotting following the procedure. If you bleed similar to a menstrual period, contact doctor immediately. Water breaking is a risk involved when membranes are stripped. If your water breaks, you have to deliver with in next 24 hours.

6. Birthing Ball

Take a birthing ball and start bouncing gently. Bouncing might sound incredibly uncomfortable but it encourages the baby’s head to come into position. Make sure you have your partner or any help near you for safety reasons.

7. Blow Balloons

Can blowing balloons induce labor? We get what you think! But as strange as it sounds, blowing balloons can kick start labor as it builds abdominal pressure. Even if labor doesn’t start, you will have a lot of balloons at home ready to welcome your baby when you come back from the hospital.

Before trying any method to induce labor, speak with your doctor to go over any risks or possible complications involved. It is always good to let your baby decide the birth date, even if it means waiting for a week or two unless it is an emergency.