Baby sleeping with the parents – Is this dangerous?

The syndrome of sudden death in the newborn is something that leaves every parent terrfied. Lately this phenomenon is associated with sleeping in their parents’ bed.



Children who sleep in the same bed with parents, have five times higher risk of sudden death in the cradle, than those who sleep on their own.

The syndrome of sudden death (SIDS) is most frequent between the second and fourth month of the baby’s life, and the risk is not related with the social or economic status,nor the lifestyle of the parents, a study by the British School of Medicine in London shows.

Previous research has shown that the risk is higher if the parents are smokers, but this study found out that the risk was not associated with smoking or alcohol.

– This is the largest study on the subject and it has shown that independent sleeping is significantly healthier choice for children, said study leader Professor Rob Carpenter.

The syndrome, which is also called crib death in 80 percent of cases can be prevented if the baby is placed on his back and in his own bed.

Some countries like the US and the Netherlands advised the parents the child to sleep with them in the first three months of life, but the practice is not common in the rest of Europe.