Jessica Alba Shares Pregnancy Nutrition Dos and Don’ts

“I’m eating for two.”

We’ve all heard some version of this saying. So what’s the problem? Well, there are a lot of myths around pregnancy. This happens to be one of them. Pregnant women aren’t really eating for two; typically, you only need to consume an additional 200-500 calories for your baby. (No, you shouldn’t spend that whole allotment eating Ladurée.)

jessica alba

Despite this being common knowledge today, many first-time moms-to-be go a wee bit overboard, overindulging and not heeding other dietary warnings. Raw fish? We’re sorry to say that you’ll have to skip the bento boxes for a few months.In a new video for Attn, actress and holistic entrepreneur extraordinaire Jessica Alba offers some tips for maintaining a healthy diet while expecting. You may be wondering why you should pay Alba any mind at all. The Honest Company founder is currently pregnant with her third child, and she’s eager to share all the lessons she learned the first — and second — time around. Watch below!


In the video above, Alba covers a lot of nutritional ground in less than three minutes. Do you think you can follow her tips? What are some of your weird pregnancy cravings? Let us know!