How do you know if your child has imported enough food?

Proper nutrition is essential, especially in childhood, because it is associated with brain development and mental stability of the child. Because of that, consuming  less then necessary can lead to malnutrition. On the other hand, too much food can be the reason for fatness.

How do you know if you children has consumed enough?

A study of a portal “New Parent“ has shown that babies and toddlers know the best.

-You don`t need to teach your children how much they need to eat. But, you need to support them, showing them how to recognize the feeling of hunger or satiety so you could feed them when they get hungry and stop eating when they are full –said Aylin Bian , registered dietitian, author of the book “Food bible for babies”

If you have sometimes checked the numbers of the values written on the labels of processed food which you buy, you probably have seen that caloric and nutritional values are based on a intake of 2,000 calories. Although you can eat the suggested portion, you need to remember that portion is not suitable for you children. The needs of calories are very different for them

Be careful, you child needs smaller but more common meals. For example babies have small stomach so they can saturate faster. That means that if you child turns the head on the other side he is full. He doesn`t need another spoon.

Instate, you need to feed them when then show signs of hunger and you need to stop when the show you they are done. When the baby grows up, it will start eating much more and in the end he won`t eat only in the regular times you have chosen.

The size of the portion is different depending of the age, but that is not the only sign that you need to count on. On the site “Healthy Children” is shown that age, appetite and activities are the main factors that show us which are the right portions for the children.

To be able to give your children the right amount of food, means that you also need to feed him with healthy food instate of food filled with sugar and calories.