Newborn Hurricane Harvey Survivor Has Photo Shoot On The Boat That Saved Her

Hurricane Harvey has caused a lot of destruction, impacted the whole cities and people were forced to migrate. During all this, something really awesome happened. There was a little baby just 10-days-old who was rescued. She had her photo shoot after she was saved on the boat. A professional photographer was contacted and she agreed to the shoot. “(Hope) was an angel”. “I’ve done several newborn shoots, and it’s not easy because the child can be tiring, and you’re working hard to keep them still. … Here she was, outside, in a onesie, on a metal boat, in a life jacket, and she was wonderful. It was an extra treat,” said Mills, the 32-year-old photographer. Photos of this cute baby are going viral and people are loving these absolutely.

Meet this newborn baby Hope. She was just 10-days-old when she was rescued with her family during Hurricane Harvey. Water was rising rapidly after she was born. Another family having a boat came for the help of Hope’s parents and thus this family was taken to a safe place.




The group traveled five hours by boat to a shelter in Louisiana where a volunteer concerned about the young family took them into her home.

Upon arrival, Katy Sanford, Cris’ wife, asked the family if they had taken newborn photos yet. Naturally, a photo shoot was the last thing on their minds — but Sanford insisted on connecting the Chimenos with her friend, photographer Noelle Mills. They contacted Mills, 32-year-old photographer for the shoot if she was willing and she was happy to help them.

Hurricane Harvey has been a disaster for millions of people. But we got the story of this little girl, Hope, and it has filled everyone’s heart with love and affection. The photographer revealed she could not refuse the family for Hope’s photo shoot because the family had already lost so much. She had not a lot of money, so what she could give them was photography.

We saw so many heartbreaking moments during Hurricane Harvey. This photo of a dog broke millions of hearts in the US as he was left tied. Somehow, he was rescued and taken to a safe place.

Another photo of a man with his dog! The owner met his dog after they lost everything. His wife and he had to take shelter in another place and he finally met his dog and could not control emotions.

Many dogs and cats were left alone. This photo of a dog was taken by a reporter when she was left in the water. It’s seriously heartbreaking.

Another of a fluffy cat! My heart is crying and everyone had almost the same situation after seeing these photos.