Overweight boys grow up to be impotent men ?!

According to many studies, boys that are overweight have bigger risk to deal with impotence when they grow up, due to decreased testosterone levels.


Scientists from Buffalo University conducted a study which purpose was to determinate the connection between body weight and testosterone levels in boys, by comparing testosterone levels in 25 kids with normal weight and 25 kids that were fat.

In the study participated boys from 14 to 20 years, and the results have shown that overweight boys had testosterone levels that were lower by 50 %. Experts say the study will continue and it will include larger study group that will provide bigger evidence about the link between obesity and testosterone levels. The research is published in the magazine Clinical Endocrinology. Dr. Paresh Dandona, the main researcher has announced that he is surprised from the fact that testosterone levels in overweight boys and lower by 50 %, and that this is alarming.

Nowadays, we face serious problem when it comes to eating habits in children. A big part of the children population has problem with obesity. Good news is that by reducing body weight, testosterone levels can increase . Still, further studies need to be made so we can have more accurate results about this problem.