Try these Ayurvedic herbs to get pregnant faster!

If you and your partner have decided to have a baby, we presume you are doing everything right to conceive a healthy baby soon. Of the few things that you should be doing, giving up on your vices like smoking, drinking, eating junk food; adapting to right eating habits and exercising regularly are few lifestyle changes that you need to make.  Having sex during the ovulation period usually helps you conceive unless there are health problems. However, if your system needs a little boost you can turn to Ayurveda to try herbs with therapeutic and medicinal benefits which have helped couples conceive.

Today we are talking about some specific Ayurvedic herbs that help to boost the gamete quality and speed up conception for couples. However, don’t try Ayurvedic herbs without consulting a certified practitioner or your gynaecologist. If you have been trying to conceive for more than six months and failed, you may be talking about infertility treatments and might want to consult IVF experts. But, if you want to try a more holistic way instead, talk to alternative therapy experts such as vaidyas who might be able to help you.

Before trying these alternative techniques practice yoga and meditation to calm and fight stress. Stress is one of the reasons that many couples fail to conceive.

Here are few Ayurvedic remedies that can help you to conceive faster

For the woman: Take one spoon of Shatavari powder and mix it in a glass of milk drink this after breakfast. Mix one spoonful of jyestimadh (liquorice) and one spoon of anantmul powder in milk and have it before bedtime.

For the man: Add one spoon of ashwagandha powder in one glass of milk in the morning and have it after breakfast. Add one spoon each of jyestimadh (liquorice) and anantmul powder in milk and have it before bedtime.

Start these herbs three months before conception and continue to have them till your pregnancy tests show positive results. These herbs are known to boost sperm and egg quality and to help couples conceive faster.