Woman Suffers 18 Miscarriages In 16 Years Still Tries One Last Time

Lousie had to go through a lot when she suffered 18 miscarriages in 16 years. One after the other she lost her babies in early weeks of her pregnancy, which left her devastated.

Lousie met her husband Mark in the year 1999. She had a dream to have a baby and now that she found the right partner, they started trying for the baby when she was aged 32. However, Mark had undergone vasectomy due to which they had to find alternative ways to conceive.

The couple tried sperm donors and endless number of IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) treatments for 16 long years. They spent around $100,000 dollars on it, however, the results were disappointing. Every time Lousie conceived, her pregnancy would end in a miscarriage. This happened not one or two but 18 times—it was heart-wrenching for the couple to lose their babies.

Louise said that her body was a complete mystery and her doctors couldn’t understand why it was rejecting the baby. Her heart broke every single time she lost her baby.

Though she wasn’t in the most favorable age to become pregnant and was about to turn 50, she wanted to try one last time before her birthday. Finally, she found a doctor who diagnosed the problem. He discovered that her body had active ‘killer cells’ that attacked the fetus before it could develop. Her body’s immune mechanism thought it to be a foreign body and released these white blood cells to prevent the fetus from developing.

Natural killer cells though important to prevent microbial infections and spreading of a tumor have been linked to miscarriages.

After the treatment began, Lousie got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy named William at 37 weeks of pregnancy. Finally, as new parents, Louise and Mark were elated to welcome their son into the world.

Sometimes, strangers often mistake Louise and Mark to be William’s grandparents. However, it doesn’t affect the couple who are overjoyed to have their own child after struggling through hopelessness and despair for so long.

Lousie gave herself another chance and her hopes and prayers were answered when William arrived.