New moms want to know: How do you grocery shop with a baby?

Everything changes when you welcome a baby into your life. Activities that once seemed mundane suddenly require strategic planning, 20 extra steps and a whole lotta coffee. And a trip to the grocery store is no exception.

Parents in the BabyCenter Community have been sharing how they tackle groceries with their little shopping buddies. The creator of this thread wrote:

“I’m super lucky that I haven’t had to do this yet, but I know the time is coming. How do you all go grocery shopping with your LO? Do you carry the car seat in and put in the big part of the cart? Or baby wear? I have only made some short stops at Target with her and so far have brought the stroller in and used that as a cart- it was kind of a pain though. Would love any suggestions you all have! TIA!”

Fellow parents offered up their go-to strategies for shopping with a young baby, including:

Baby carrier

“Baby wear… I have a toddler too so he goes in the cart.”

Cart hammock

“I use a hammock thing – It’s super easy to use and keeps all of the room in your cart!” (You can check out the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock on Amazon.)


“Last week I went for the first time with my twins. I put their car seats in the snap and go stroller and shopped directly into reusable shopping bags. When the bag was full I lifted out one of the car seats and placed the bag in the stroller basket below. Reversed the process for checkout. It wasn’t as bad as I expected and I felt like a bamf.”

It depends

“The couple times I’ve had to take baby with me I used the moby wrap. If I get just a few things then baby goes in the big part of the cart.”

Pshht, who goes grocery shopping anymore?

“Grocery delivery/curbside pick up for the win!!!!”

I don’t know about you, but this been-there-done-that mama learned something new from this thread: I had never heard of a Binxy Baby cart hammock before! It seems like a handy tool. You know, instead of precariously resting the baby carrier in the front part of the cart, like I did with my first baby. (Luckily, I wisened up and learned how dangerous this can be.) After I had my daughter, I usually set her car seat in the big part of the cart and put big brother in the child seat at the front. And then just piled groceries in around them as I could. (See above photo of my very first grocery store adventure with two kiddos.)

Now, with three kids, shopping works best with one of those giant, hard-to-steer carts — with a typical child seat, and then that extra seating facing forward in front of that, for two other kids to sit in. My preferred arrangement when my baby was too young to sit up by herself in the cart was to just wear her around the store. It made for easy-access breastfeeding, too.

Whether it’s a using a cart sling, pushing a stroller, baby-wearing, putting the car seat in the cart’s basket or ordering online, new parents manage to find some arrangement that brings home groceries each week. As long as you’re not doing this …