Tips for traveling with baby

Traveling with a baby can be a big challenge, so here are a few tips that can help to facilitate adjustment.


1.Stick to the scheduleas much as you can

Do everything you can to keep the same schedule that the baby has at home. Children love routine and feel better and thus behave when things are going for them predictable way.

2. Keep in mind their limitations

If possible do not you attend events or go shopping when your baby is tired or hungry. If bedtime, encourage your baby to rest or sleep. Remember that children have a brief period of attention, so they can not sit a while in one place.

3. Keep them occupied

Take books or toys with you in the car, shopping center, etc.. When children are bored they invent things,so make sure they have something to play with. It is even better if the toys are new or are forgotten. Slowly remove them and show them to the child during the trip.

4. Doublediaper

If you’re traveling for a longer period of time you can put 2 diapers on the baby (one over the other ) to prevent it from becoming uncomfortably wet. You can also put diapers intended for night time.

5. Bring enough food and water

When we are thirsty or hungry all become irritable. Get enough adapted milk (if you give  the baby AD), water bottle and something to eat. Take more than you think is necessary, just in case there is some problem. If you travel by plane during takeoff and landing nurse it or give the baby milk bottle to prevent pain in the ears because of changing air pressure. Older children can swallow any food or drink other liquids.

6. Take your favorite blanket or toy
Do not forget your favorite stuffed toy or blanket.  Their presence will help the baby to feel more comfortable and safer.